The Team of agents that have been in office for the last six years have not stood up for the membership that they represent!

Bonaduce, Condron, Gaines, Monagle, Gallagher, O'Donnell, and Sharkey need to run on their record but they can’t. 
Instead they look to bad mouth, and name call anyone that disagrees with the way that they do business.
We all deserve and should expect better representation than we get from this group.

Why aren't they running on their record?

 Is it improper to stand up for what you believe in?

 Someone needs to take a stand for the members of this local.

 The "VANCAMP & KESTING" Team will do just that.

 The VANCAMP & KESTING team has done its best to provide you with information along with updates on the other companies that Teamsters Local 384 represents.  We have visited many of you and have handed out thousands of pieces of information to the membership during the last fourteen months of our campaign.  By providing insight into the way the current agents try and do business, members are seeing through the lies and backdoor deals that Bonaduce and his administration have put on the 384 members they are supposed to be representing.

We have had the opportunity to meet with and develop strong working relationships with the members that we have come in contact with. Handing out information, talking to members, hearing their concerns and showing up on a consistent basis is just a start to changing our Local Union for the better.  We know the repair work will start from our first day in office, but we look forward to the challenge.  Experience, dedication and an unparalleled work ethic is what we will bring to the membership.

There will be an election in October to Change the Leadership at Teamsters Local 384. Demand better from your Union!

                               Vote for the “VanCamp & Kesting” Slate and make a positive change in this Union.

          **NEW**  Improper Side deal made between Local 384 and UPS**

     A new side "deal" has recently been discovered and is in full effect, an Agreement between UPS and Local 384, Mike Bonaduce signed for the Union.  This concession allows UPS to delay the hiring of part-time members who wish to go full-time driving for years.  

     Bonaduce told 384 members at the May 19 contract meeting that this "deal" was part of the Metro Philadelphia Supplement and that a yes vote on the supplement would add two new "deals" into our agreement.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When the two "deals" were not included in our ballot packets from the IBT, Bonaduce told our members that his two "deals" did not make the printing deadline, more lies.  The Chairman for the Metro Philadelphia supplement stated that these two side"deals" were NEVER part of our supplement.

     Bonaduce was reprimanded by the IBT for lying while he attemted to make "deals" behind the backs of our other Teamster Locals.  Bonaduce lied to 384 members, the chairman for the philadelphia supplement, and the IBT.

    The real question is: Why didn't our business agents acknowledge its existence before they were caught?  They pretended it wasn't real until we handed out the signed copy to 384 members.  

     In addition, the signed copy is different then the one Bonaduce was trying to get in our supplement.  Why?  Bonaduce is being played by UPS and every other employer in this local.

The fact is this side deal does nothing for the union or its members.

  • It is now harder for a part-time ups employee to qualify for full-time.
  • You will not gain seniority in 30 working days as our contract states.
  • You will not progress in your wages.
  • You will not receive any full-time pension monies, adding years to your retirement.
  • The union will not receive additional dues because your wages are frozen.
  • UPS can disqualify you for any reason causing you to start all over again.
  • And finally, UPS can now hire a casual workforce all year long at half the top rate.


This side deal was done without membership involvement as the Local's By-Laws instruct and violates our contractual rights.  Our team has filed a grievance against this agreement and contacted the IBT.  We will continue to fight this side deal until it is removed and our members rights restored.

This current administration has conceded to every employer in this local.

  • 5 year NO raise contract at Upper Merion Bus Garage.
  • Downingtown School District - 1 year extension NO raise.
  • Jay Gress Oil - 3 year deal, first year NO raise!
  • Deacon Ind. - The deal was done before the members had any input.  Bonaduce told them they did not need a teamster pension.
  • Allied Concrete - Gone, 25 members lost their livelihoods due to poor representation.
  • JDM Materials - Gone, on strike for nearly two years, 28 men lost their livelihoods and some lost their homes.  The only Business Agent to stand on the picket line with these men was Steve Davido.
  • Perkiomen School District - Gone, over 60 members voted to decertify due to poor representation.  Bonaduce didn't visit them for nearly two years.
  • Failed organizing drive at Sikorsky Helicopter, UPS Freight clerks, and an illegal dock workers vote at Volpe Express.  Bonaduce and the Terminal manager held the vote then every worker who signed an organizing card was fired.


And the list goes on........

This administration will not fight for our rights.  We pay their salary and they make us feel as though we work for them.  In October you will have an opportunity to change this by voting for the entire VanCamp & Kesting slate.

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